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What is STORE?

STORE is your local, neighborhood storage solution. Located at 1290 3rd  Ave at the corner of 74th St., in the heart of the Upper East Side.

Simply drop your stuff at STORE or arrange for the STORE Runner to retrieve items from your home. It’s that simple.

I don’t know how much storage space I need. Do I have to commit to a unit size?


STORE differs from traditional self and valet storage by offering storage on a per item basis. With STORE your monthly bill reflects only the items that you have in storage. Stop paying for space you don’t use with STORE.

Where is STORE located?

STORE’s flagship location is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at 1290 3rd Ave.

How much does STORE cost?

STORE offers flat pricing for storage on a per item basis:

  • Duffel Bag: $13/Mo.
  • STORE Bin: $8/Mo.
  • Bike: $25/Mo.
  • Garment Bag: $10/Mo.
  • Skis: $10/Mo.
  • Golf Clubs: $15/Mo.
  • Luggage S/M/L $8-19/Mo.
  • Strollers: $15/Mo.

*Please note the removal of boxes for storage. We will keep them as retail sales items so they can be left on the retail pricing list, but need to be removed from the storage pricing lists where represented. Duffel Bags are a new item for the storage list.

How do I STORE my items?

It’s simple and quick! Come down to our location with the items you want to store, pick out the containers you will use for your items, and follow the prompts on our kiosk. The kiosk will guide you through the steps to get your items into storage and we’ll take care of the rest!

Can I get my items picked up?

Yes! STORE offers valet service for customers within our service area.

We are also working on exciting partnerships for those customers outside our valet service area.

Is there a minimum term or commitment?

We offer month-to-month storage and don’t tie customers to lengthy terms or minimums!

Where will my items be stored?

Customer Items are stored in a secure, climate controlled, state of the art self-storage facility located in Queens.

How do labels work and where can I get them?

All items are organized through the use of unique QR codes. When storing items through the kiosk, 3 barcodes will be printed for each item. These barcodes are then applied to items so they are linked to your account and organized.

What happens if I need more or less space?

You simply add or remove items from your storage inventory.

How do you determine the savings compared to self-storage?

Price comparisons can be found on our website.

How does STORE compare to traditional self-storage and valet?

STORE differs in that we don’t require customers to rent a specific unit size or commit to lengthy contracts. We are item based and month-to-month. What truly sets STORE apart is our retail location that customers can easily visit to drop off or pick up their stuff.

Do you store the same items I could put in self-storage unit?

Yes. With the exception of furniture. However STORE prefers that customers utilize our containerized solutions when possible.

Are there any items I cannot store?

Currently, we do not accept furniture. Other item restrictions can be found in our terms of service.

How do I pay?

You are billed monthly on your credit card through ​Stripe​.

What happens if I’m late or I don’t pay?

Customers are expected to pay their bills in a timely manner. Please refer to our TOS for specifics on delinquent accounts.

Are there weight limits for boxes and containers?

Yes, we do not accept containers greater than 50 lbs. In weight.

When and how can I schedule pickup or delivery?

Contact STORE anytime at: (212) 249-8000 and we will be happy to arrange Valet appointments in our service area. You can also drop by and utilize our in-store kiosks, or schedule in person.

What if I need a pickup or delivery in a hurry?

If you are in a crunch, please feel free to contact STORE directly at (212) 249-8000. By design we are local so we can quickly respond to Customers.

How will I know that the person who comes to take my items is from STORE?

STORE does not contract workers for pickups or deliveries. All valet appointments will be completed by real STORE employees.

Will you go to my basement or garage to pick up my items?

Of course. Although, we reserve the right to refuse service for any unsafe or unsanitary conditions, per our Terms of Service.

Can I change or cancel a pickup or delivery?

Cancellations are honored if they are made 24 hours or greater in advance, within our business hours.

Will STORE wait while I pack or unpack my boxes?

No, STORE employees will not wait for you to pack up. We offer material drop offs, where a STORE employee will provide you will all the containers needed. You can schedule a pickup appointment at a later date or drop your packed items at STORE.

Do I have to be home for pickup and delivery?


Typically STORE customers simply call and schedule their Valet appointment and meet the Valet at their home or apartment.

However, STORE also offers routine pickup /dropoff services at participating residential buildings in the neighborhood. At participating buildings, STORE delivers and retrieves items directly through your doorman.

Do I need to tip my Valet Runner?

Tipping is always greatly appreciated!

Can I get my items delivered to a different location than where they were picked-up?

So long as it is within the service area!

Can I store my items for less than a month? For a year?

We offer monthly storage and you may store your items as long as you’d like. You may request your items back any time but your account will be charged for the current month billing cycle.

What happens if I miss my pickup or delivery time? Will you still bill me?


Will you pack or unpack my boxes?

We do not offer packing or unpacking.

Are your containers reusable? Recyclable?

Absolutely! We clean and disinfect all containers after use.They are recyclable as well!

What does STORE do to minimize the environmental impact of its services?

STORE employs a Valet Runner to serve its local neighborhood customers and utilizes a cart to transport your items. We are conscious of the congestion and environmental impact of vans and trucks and mitigate that with our valet service!

Do you take donations of clothing or household goods?

Donations are currently offered through our partnerships. Please call STORE for details.

Security & Privacy

Can anyone else see what I’m storing?

Absolutely not!

Will you open up my boxes?

Typically no, but we reserve the right to open containers if any safety or security concern is present or we are under a lawful court order to do so.

Can I lock my containers? How are your containers secured?

We offer secured ties for all containers. Specialty locks are also available for purchase.

Who will handle my items?

Only STORE employees and partners are authorized to handle your items.

Can I come to your storage facility to pickup or deliver my items?

Customers are encouraged to come into our STORE location on the Upper East Side to store and retrieve their staged items. We require 72 hour notice in order to source and stage items or your retrieval.

Are my items insured?

We don’t sell insurance but offer consumer protection plans which can compensate customers in event of loss or damages under certain circumstances. These plans work in conjunction with or separate from applicable homeowners or renters insurance plans. Inquire with STORE for more details and pricing.

What are your Protection Plans?

We offer 3 levels of protection Silver Gold & Platinum

Silver $2,000  $9/mo

Gold $3,000  $12/mo

Platinum $5,000  $19/mo

I signed up using Facebook. Are you sharing my personal information?

STORE shares no personal information from our clients.


Who is eligible?

Users of STORE must be at least 18 years of age. STORE users must be the sole owner of all property given to STORE, including any ownership interest of outside parties. In executing this agreement you affirm that you are the sole owner of all Containers stored by STORE.

Local Service

STORE is a local service, the storage and return of your Containers is dependent upon your ability to either; visit a STORE retail location or kiosk station, or provide an area within our “Local Service Area” for pickup or delivery. This includes all services, including Container delivery. Your Local Service Area is determined by your proximity to a STORE retail location, in accordance with our Local Service Area guide.

The services offered and operating hours may vary by Local Service Area at the sole discretion of STORE. In addition, STORE may contract with a 3rd party to offer some of its services on the behalf of STORE in certain Local Service Areas, such as kiosk stations. Your Local Service Area may impact the prices STORE charges for its services (as laid out in our Standard Pricing). You may request a delivery of your Containers to a location that is not in your Local Service Area. STORE, at its sole discretion, may facilitate the delivery of your Containers to a different Service Zone at pricing to be determined by STORE and approved by you prior to delivery. You understand and agree that STORE is under no obligation to store your Containers in a specific location.

Our Websites and Apps

All content included on STORE (and the software that runs it) is the property of STORE or STORE’s licensors or other content suppliers. There are copyright and trademark and other laws that apply to protect that content. We own or license all content on our website (everything) including any trademarks, service marks, or logos. We reserve all our rights (so your rights are those expressly named for you). You may not use (in any fashion, where use is interpreted as broadly as possible) content on STORE without the express prior written consent of the respective owners.

We grant you a limited non exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right solely to display and view content on or web portal for personal, non-commercial use. Other than fair use, other uses are prohibited without express consent.


No page-scraping, spidering, or other automated access (or equivalent manual process) is allowed. This means you can’t copy or monitor STORE, or bypass or circumvent STORE’s navigation or structural presentation.

By agreeing to these terms you affirm that you will not hack our systems or otherwise use them as unintended. This includes any part of STORE, or to any other systems or networks connected to STORE or to any STORE server. This includes hacking, phishing, cracking, or any other illegitimate means.

You agree you won’t try to scan or test the vulnerability of STORE, try to breach our security or authentication measures, or generally try to bypass our security.

You also agree to leave other users alone: no attempts at cross-site scripting, IP tracing, reverse lookup, or other mechanism to obtain information on any other user of or visitor to STORE.

You agree not to engage in any activity that could impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on STORE or the systems it is connected to and runs on.

Lastly, no manipulation of raw TCP/UDP streams or other such activities. No forging headers. No attempts to disguise the origins of messages or packets. No contacting our headquarters and pretending to be someone else.

STORE reserves the right to bar any such activity.


You are responsible for everything you do involving STORE. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless (and all of our employees, affiliates, directors, officers, or anyone else we promise to similarly hold
harmless) from all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, that arise from: (i) violation of our Terms, ​Storage Rules​, or Privacy Policies​, or (ii) the Containers you store with us.

STORE may terminate your STORE account at any time, with or without cause. If we terminate your account without cause, such termination will be subject to 30 days advance written notice (unless you waive your rights to such notice). In these circumstances, we will refund any pre-paid monthly fees and arrange for staging of your Containers at our retail location at your expense.

If we terminate your account for cause (such as violation of our Terms, ​Storage Rules​, or Privacy Policies​), we will notify you of the termination, and you will have 30 days to arrange for transport of your Containers at your cost via STORE, subject to our Standard Pricing.

If you have placed specific Containers in STORE in violation of our Terms (including our Storage Rules) that may contaminate other Containers, or in any way pose a risk to human health, STORE reserves the right to dispose of those Containers with no compensation owed to you. Where feasible, STORE will attempt to contact you to arrange for quarantine (at your cost) or another way of resolving the hazard raised.

Notwithstanding our lien law rights or other applicable Terms, in the event that we reasonably believe there is an exigent circumstance or other risk to STORE or the property of other customers of STORE, we may terminate your account immediately and return your Containers to you at your expense, including potentially placing your Containers in quarantine at your cost.


You can begin the process of closing your account at any time by contacting STORE support. (Any fees due may still apply). You must arrange for and pay the costs (as set out in this Agreement) of getting your Containers back to you. You must continue to pay us your full storage charge each month until all of your Containers have been retrieved from our STORE retail location.



It is your responsibility to pack your items with care. STORE provides bins, bags, and other materials (at no cost) to utilize for storage. These items are recommended for storage but we may accept others if their integrity is intact and they conform to our Storage Rules.

Types of Items STORE will accept:

  • Store provides and accepts the following items (Note: these items must be STORE provided):
    • STORE Bin
    • STORE Garment Bag
    • STORE Bike Bag
    • STORE Ski Bag
  • STORE may also accept other items, not sold or provided by STORE. These items must conform to the dimensions of the small, medium, or large boxes sold by STORE. These items are not covered

STORE recommends that any fragile items, or those of exceptional value are not stored. As it is your responsibility to pack these items, STORE cannot be held liable for damage to such items. If you do elect to store items such as this, we recommend that you purchase additional protective materials (bubble wrap, tape, etc.) to ensure they are properly protected. STORE disclaims all liability for items that could reasonably be described as ‘fragile’. Examples of these include, but are not limited to artwork, glassware, jewelry, electronics, certain types of furniture, any item containing a material such as marble, acrylic, granite, glass, crystal, formica, or lucite. This is not a complete list.

STORE prohibits the storage of any illegal or otherwise unsafe item. Safety of our customers and their items, employees, and facilities is paramount. As such, we cannot accept items that may jeopardize this. Below is a list of items that are prohibited from being stored. This is not a complete list.

  • Any flammable or compressed liquids or combustible materials, such as gasoline, aerosol sprays, fireworks, lighters and lighter fluid, or explosive items.
  • Any consumables items like food, such as meat, cheese, liquids like wine, breads, or any other item that can be consumed.
  • Any items that were once alive insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, ornamental bone or tissue based items.
  • Any illegal items such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen goods, or anything that you could be arrested for possessing.
  • Any item that exudes foul odors, leaks, or seeps.
  • Any items that is hazardous, toxic, produces gas or odor, produces loud noises.

Ensure that your bill is paid on time and in full. Any questions or concerns about your bill must be brought to our team immediately so that no interruption in service occurs. Communicate any and all changes to credit card information, address, or any other information that would affect your billing.


You are responsible for safely and securely packing your Containers into each Container (or otherwise protecting it with packing supplies). This includes packing your Containers so that they will not be damaged during transit and storage. You understand that the Container will be moved from time to time in connection with storage or as may be needed for its storage. STORE provides materials, such as bins, bags, and other materials for you to utilize in packing your Containers. We advise that you utilize these, although Containers conforming to our Storage Rules will be accepted. By providing us with an Container, you are making the statement (i.e., you “represent and warrant”) that the Container has been packed appropriately and is sturdy enough for transit and occasional movement. You agree that STORE is not responsible for any damage caused by or arising from your failure to properly pack the Container. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any Container that appears insufficiently sturdy for transit or occasional movement.

For your safety, the wellbeing of our team members, and the care of your belongings, we recommend packing no more than 45 pounds of your personal property into any single Container. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any Container that we reasonably believe weighs more than 50 pounds, exclusive of the weight of the Container itself. This weight restriction does apply to bins provided by STORE.


How does the service work?

Users of STORE must be at least 18 years of age. STORE users must be the sole owner of all property given to STORE, including any ownership interest of outside parties. In executing this agreement you affirm that you are the sole owner of all Containers stored by STORE

How did I get my Items back?

STORE is a local service, the storage and return of your Containers is dependent upon your ability to either; visit a STORE retail location or kiosk station, or provide an area within our “Local Service Area° for pickup or delivery. This includes all services, including Container delivery. Your Local Service Area is determined by your proximity to a STORE retail location, in accordance with our Local Service Area guide.


If you elect to schedule a valet appointment please make sure that your valet appointment will happen in a safe environment. STORE employees can decline to complete a pickup if the location is unsafe. For example: rickety staircases, rotting wood floors, contaminated apartments. You will not be charged a cancellation or rescheduling fee if the dangerous or unsafe condition was both a) reasonably beyond your control and b) reasonably unknown to you 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Please make sure there is a clear path to the street. STORE employees cannot remove doors from hinges or make other environmental alterations.


It is your responsibility to be present or to otherwise make arrangements so that we can handle your Containers when you request a STORE appointment (in any form). Each time you (or your designee) give any Container to STORE, it confirms that you have agreed to these Terms. Fees for late appointment cancellations and no shows are defined in the Standard Pricing and charged via credit card on file. If you are not present for the scheduled appointment, your Containers will be placed back in storage and you will be responsible for all fees and subsequent monthly billing.



The period of time that this Agreement is in effect is called the “term.” The term begins when you sign or accept this Agreement and will continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated. You shall pay rent monthly to STORE. Monthly rent must be paid in advance on the first day we pick up your Containers, and monthly thereafter, or you’ll be subject to a Delinquency Fee. Monthly rent must be paid in full, without any deductions, without prior notice or prompting from us. The monthly rent amount you must pay is the sum of the full amounts set out in the Standard Pricing that apply to your Containers, plus any applicable sales and other taxes imposed by any taxing authority.

Your monthly “Billing Cycle” is based on the date your Containers enter STORE (retail, kiosk, or valet). So for example, if we pick up your Containers on the 5th of the month, your “second month” begins on the 5th of the next month. Each Billing Cycle after that would likewise begin on the monthly “anniversary” of your first pickup.

STORE’s pricing is based on the amount of Containers and is charged on a month-to-month basis. Rent is non-refundable. Under no circumstance will you be entitled to a refund of a monthly bill, which will be paid in monthly installments. Even if you retrieve your Containers before your monthly commitment is up, your monthly rent will not go down, and you agree to pay STORE for the remainder of your month-to-month contract.

Additional Containers will be added to the subsequent months billing cycle. Additionally, Containers removed from existing storage will be deducted on the subsequent months bill. The monthly rent, amounts and type of other fees and/or charges, may be adjusted by STORE effective the month following notice by STORE to you specifying the adjustment. Such notice will be given to you at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day on which the adjustment will be effective. (This basically means we can make changes if we give you a 30 day heads up.) Any such adjustment will not otherwise affect other terms of this Agreement and all other terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

If we are unable to bill your card, we’ll send you a notice and try again in a few days. Late fees will be charged as soon as we are unable to process your payment and continue to accrue until payment is collected and your account is up to date.


You are required to make all rental payments and other payments in a timely manner. Rent is due on or before the first day of your Billing Cycle, according to this Agreement.

If we are unable to bill your card, we’ll send you a notice and try again in a few days. Late fees will be charged as soon as we are unable to process your payment and continue to accrue until payment is collected and your account is up to date.

In the event of a late payment we may accept a partial payment of the rent or other outstanding fees. Legally, a partial payment does not “cure your default or waive or stop us from pursuing our remedies discussed in this Agreement and at law. A partial payment will not release your Container from any failure to pay (“default”) under this Agreement. You will not be able to access your Container(s) when you are in default.

Please be very careful about letting us know if you lose your card or your credit card number changes.


If you fail to pay rent or other fees on time, it means you are in “default” under this Agreement. You may (at our sole discretion) be denied access to the Container if you fail to pay rent by the due date.



How it Works?

It’s a simple 2 step process

1. Find & Choose A Location
Stop by a STORE location or create an account online.

2. Drop off items at STORE or Schedule Valet Service
Stop by STORE or have the STORE Valet retrieve or deliver your items.

Give us a call and book your Valet now!

Please be very careful about letting us know if you lose your card or your credit card number changes.