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Standard Pricing

This is an extension of the STORE Terms of Service. This document outlines the standard pricing for STORE customers. STORE reserves the right to change the Standard Pricing and to offer promotional pricing to any customers at any time.  By continuing to use STORE’s services you shall be deemed to have accepted STORE’s pricing in effect from time to time.

STORE’s pricing is based off the number of items in your storage plan. Our pricing is simple.  Each item you add is charged at the then applicable rate and each item removed is deducted. Your storage plan will reflect the items contained in your plan at the time of each billing cycle. Items added and items removed will be effective and reflected on your next month’s bill.Unlike other storage companies, STORE only charges customers based on a month-to-month basis. There are no minimum commitments. It works like this. Any items entered into storage will be billed on a monthly basis. If items are added to your plan they will be billed on your following month’s bill. Meaning, if you add or remove additional items in subsequent days following your account creation, those will be billed starting with your following month. If items are removed from storage the same rules apply. All payments are non-refundable.

We encourage you to store Your Stuff in our STORE bins or other Containers. Bins, garment bags, bike bags, and ski bags (“Containers”) are all complementary as long as they remain in your storage plan and as long as you are current with all charges issued by STORE.

Pricing Per Month

  • STORE Bins $12
  • Skis $10
  • Boxes Sm/M/Lg $10/12/14
  • Garment Bags $10
  • Golf Clubs/Bag $15
  • Strollers $15
  • Bikes $25
  • Luggage Sm/M/Lg $8/13/19

All Containers provided to you must be submitted for storage within 48 hours and must be returned to STORE immediately if and when they no longer are being used for storage. Any Containers not submitted for storage within 48 hours and any Containers not returned immediately will be charged to your account at full retail price. These charges are non-refundable.


STORE offers 3 services, each with applicable rates. These services are in-store drop off or pick up, valet pickup and delivery, and regional kiosks. Pricing for these, as well as all of our standard prices are reflected in our standard pricing, below.

In-STORE Drop off and Pick up

STORE has a retail location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This location is our hub for all storage activities. We encourage our customers to bring all storage items to STORE to avoid fees such as valet. If a customer does come in-STORE for drop off they will avoid valet charges.

STORE also offers in-STORE pickup of items. Any customer who want to retrieve any of their items makes the request online and sets a pick-up appointment. STORE charges $15 for the retrieval and staging of up to 5 items. Each additional item is charged at $5. Items retrieved will be staged for pickup for 48 hours. If these items are not retrieved within the 48-hour window they will be returned to your storage plan. If they are returned, you are responsible for additional retrieval and staging fees.

Kiosk Drop off and Pick up

Through strategic partnerships STORE will offer sites for drop off and pick up in Manhattan. For a list of locations please check our Service Areas for information on these locations.

All fees are consistent with In-STORE Pick up and Drop off.

STORE Valet Pick up and Drop off

STORE offers valet services in the Service Areas around our retail location. STORE valet employees will: drop off Containers, pick up packed Containers; and deliver requested items in your storage plan. Drop off of Containers and pickup of packed Containers within our service area is a free service. Deliveries of items within our service area will be billed at $25 per 2 trips by our valet for up to 5 items.

*Note: Containers that are dropped off by valet or picked up in STORE must be returned to STORE within 5 business days. Containers that are not stored with or returned to STORE will be charged at the applicable rate for that item. Additionally, customers will be charged if STORE provided items are damaged or destroyed.

STORE requires 72 hour notice for item staging, at which time items may then be scheduled for return via Valet or picked up at STORE.


Customers are responsible to make pickup of all containers requested to be pulled (staged) for delivery. Customers can make these requests through our kiosks, via phone, or from our web platform. We require advance notice of 48 hours in order to locate, transport, and stage containers for pickup or delivery. Additionally, customers are expected to retrieve requested item from STORE, or be present at valet delivery appointments, at the agreed upon time of retrieval. If containers are not retrieved or delivered within 48 hours of their arrival to STORE, or if containers are unable to be delivered due to customer not being present at the scheduled appointment, these items will be returned to storage and the staging.  Delivery fees will not be refunded. Customers will be subject to additional monthly storage bills and subsequent staging and delivery fees.


All applicable fees and taxes are charged in accordance with state and federal laws.


Customers must notify STORE of any cancellations within 48 hours. Any cancellations made in less than 48 hours will subject the customer to any standard price for the applicable service.


STORE takes necessary steps to ensure that delinquent accounts are settled. Customers whose accounts become delinquent will be charged additional fees. While we make every effort to contact our customers in order to rectify delinquent accounts, customers who are unresponsive may be pursued by legal action.


Containers are available free of charge so long as they are in your storage plan. Customers are also able to purchase Containers at our retail location. Any items that are not returned to STORE as required will be charged at full price. Return of these items past the return window will not be refunded.


STORE offers disposal services for all STORE cardboard and provided containers. Any customer who wants to dispose of items in their existing storage plan will be subject to applicable fees, relayed through our disposal service. These fees are variable.