Self-Storage for Your Items in New York

Self-Storage for Your Items in New York

At STORE, we make the process of self-storage as easy as possible. With our storage solution, you are not required to rent a particular unit size or sign a long-term contract. We work with you on a per-item and month-to-month basis. Our retail location provides the convenience you need for quick and an efficient drop-off and pickup of your belongings.

Convenient Self-Storage in NYC
With STORE, our solution is different from that offered by traditional self and valet storage companies. Since we offer storage on a per item basis, your monthly bill from us only covers actual items you have in storage. Therefore, we help you avoid paying for unused storage space.

Save Money on Storage
We are your premier local neighborhood storage solution serving NYC and Manhattan. You can start with the plan as low as $8 per month and take advantage of a local storage solution that is highly cost-effective.

Range of Options
From our easy to find retail location, we give you options that increase your flexibility, including single item storage or valet pickup and delivery services.

Reliable, Fast, and Easy
You can also benefit from our professional storage staff and state-of-the-art software that helps ensure the pickup and drop-off process related to your self-storage needs is carried out in a fast, easy, and efficient manner.

The security of your belongings is our top priority at STORE. You can have confidence that your items are protected in modern, clean, and climate controlled self-storage centers protected with 24 hour video surveillance and restricted key code access.

To learn more about how our safe and affordable storage solution in New York can help you with the management of your items, give us a call today at 212.249.8000 or fill out our contact form.

Convenient and Safe Storage Space for Your Items in NYC

Convenient and Safe Storage Space for Your Items in NYC

The standard self-storage facility model can sometimes prove difficult for customers in terms of the facilities location and cost for space they simply do not use. As well, valet storage companies make you wait in line for a pickup stop. The solution we offer at STORE in NYC turns everything in your favor.

Have you experienced the following?

  • Wasted hours and days waiting for pickups?
  • Problems finding your way to a busy section of town just to store your items?

Well, with STORE, these problems are no more!

You can simply drop off your stuff with us and we will take care of everything from that point forward.

Storage Savings
As the only local neighborhood storage solution in New York, we provide affordable, no hassle storage starting at $8 per month, the truly cost-effective answer to your storage needs in the city. If you need cheap storage services that protect your items, we have you covered.

Our top priority at STORE is the security of your items. You can have peace of mind knowing that your stuff is protected and in good hands. We keep your items safe in a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art self-storage center, furnished with key code access and 24 hour video surveillance.

As a premier provider of convenient storage units, we utilize software to ensure the drop-off and pickup process operates efficiently on your behalf. Our STORE retail location and valet service helps ensure these activities are fast and smooth every time. For more information about our affordable and safe storage rental options in NYC, call us today at 212.249.8000 or drop us a message through our contact form.

Convenient and Safe Bike Storage in NYC

Convenient and Safe Bike Storage in NYC

Storing your bike in commercial self-storage unit is a convenient option when riding season has ended. Rather than clutter up your apartment or garage in NYC with your bicycle, considering utilizing the easy bike storage options we provide at STORE.

At STORE, we provide you with options and flexibility that include single item storage, the convenience of our retail location, and valet pickup and delivery services.

Easy Bike Storage in NYC
The services we provide at STORE are different from other valet and traditional selfstorage providers. We store your belongings on a per item basis with the monthly bill that covers only the items you place in storage. Therefore, with our service you simply will not pay for space you do not use.

Safe Storage for Your Bike
Your bike is in good hands in our storage units and with our professional storage staff. All of your belongings, including your bike are kept secure in storage centers that are climate controlled, only accessible with a key code, and monitored with 24 hour video surveillance.

Easy Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Enjoy easy drop-off and pickup at our convenient STORE retail center. Our easy-to-use software and professional staff along with our valet service help ensure that the entire process of delivering your bike to storage and retrieving it when you desire is efficient and smooth.

Affordable Bike Storage in NYC
Hassle-free storage for your bike is $25 per month at the only local neighborhood storage solution in New York City – STORE. For more information about placing your bike or other items into our convenient storage center, call us today at 212.249.8000 or send us a message using our contact form.